About Lombok

Dive Lombok

The southern dive spot offer unscathed reefs and a good deal of hard and soft corals as genus of fish. The general image of Lombok is imposing, adventurous and exhilarating diving at integral reefs. The tropical islands alongside the north and south coastline welcome every tourist with pristine white sandy beaches for relaxing, snorkeling, swimming and of course diving.

Lombok and Gili Islands lure scuba diving enthusiasts from learners to experienced divers to explore main dive spots around Gili Islands such as Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan which is situated on the north coastline of island of Lombok.

Stretching out to the east of Bali and within reach by a 25 minute flight from more eminent island, Lombok is a paradise for those who are seeking the untouched beauty of the ancient Bali. As a matter of fact, there are many people refer Lombok as Bali 20 years ago which is not a pertinent portrayal when you ponder the sceneries and cultures that are distinctive to Lombok.

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At approximately 5,300 square kilometer, Lombok is somewhat smaller than Bali and has an extensive series of activities and attractions to go well with all tourists. The central tourism spots are on the west coast which is Sengigi, the northwest coast which is the Gili Islands, and on the south coast the island of Kuta.

The beaches bordering Lombok Island are pure and pristine along with dirt free waters surrounded by long sweeps of sand, and typically fringed by coconut palms. The western part of the island is uniquely green and abundant with a series of stunning bays going round the entire shoreline and the exquisite islands of Gili within easy reach. The southern part is all the more dazzling with long sweeps of isolated beaches, sea cliffs, and bays fronting a gigantic ocean which provides more or less the best surfing experience in Indonesia. Larger parts of the islands are still profoundly timbered and embossed with rivers, waterfalls, hills and mountains which provide countless prospects for adventure.

Island of Lombok does not have Bali’s spit and polish however it does have the striking beaches and a tropical paradise island environment that many tourists would seek when they visualize Bali.


Weather of Lombok

The weather in island of Lombok is in fact drier than bordering Bali for the period of October through December wet season. Then as it rains all through this time the sky usually gives out for only an hour and after that you must experience sunshine sufficiently.

Typically the island is situated approximately 200 miles south of the equator, it means tropical – the weather condition is like hot and humid. So it’s almost like the whole year round, the weather is hot and humid.
Dry season takes place from May through October. Typical temperature at the beach is in the high 80s through the low 90s the whole time much of the year all through daylight hours, and quite cooler during nightfall.

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Wet season takes place from November through April however it does not really mean that wet has virtually very similar weather condition. The type of weather is frequently described as monsoon or downpour however it actually refers to the wind not a heavy rain. Hence, the wintry weather months are when the breezes liven up. Then even as the tourist season is from May through September, there is in fact no bad time to travel to the beautiful island of Lombok.


Getting There and Around

The most conventional way to touch down at Lombok Island is passing through Bali. All the way from Bali, a vacationer can choose which transport that is apt for them. It could be via small airliner, fast boat ferry or via local and dawdling public ferry.

There are direct flights to Lombok all the way from Singapore by means of Silk Air which makes it easy to merge a Lombok hideaway along with an expedition all through other areas in Asia.

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When you embark on Denpasar Airport, Merpati Airline services day to day basis. The airplane has 24 seats and transport more or less 30 minutes for the one-way trip. The first flight heads off Denpasar about 7:30 in the morning whereas the last flight is about 4:30 in the afternoon. The last return trip from Lombok is about 5:30 in the afternoon.

Another fastest way to touch down Lombok is via small fast ferry boats that usually service from Bali to Lombok and to Gili Island itinerary. The fast boat service has limited seats only. Kids below 2 years old and pregnant women are not allowed to ride fast boat service.

One more alternative way to land Lombok is via public ferry. Public ferries transport goods, vehicles and passengers on a daily basis. The ferries are somewhat simple and slow, transporting between 4 to 5 hours for the trip but they are absolutely not expensive.


Useful Language

Nearly all people in Lombok are bilingual, speaking their own tribal language which is Sasak as well as their national language of Indonesia which is Bahasa Indonesia in which they are trained at school and apply as their proper and official genre of communication. However, English is widely spoken these days in so many prevalent tourist spots.


Q: Do I need a visa to go in Indonesia?
A: Each and every one vacationer to Indonesia is obliged to have a passport that is valid for no less than six months from the date of entry into the country. There are quite a lot of levels of visa for going in Indonesia according on your ethnic group.

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Q: Do I need to make plans for a hotel reservation in Lombok?
A: It is extremely recommended that you get there at least one day before your trip. There are a number of resorts in Lombok, along with more in Bali and other neighboring local islands.

Q: What is the currency used in Lombok and how do I pay?
A: IDR or Indonesian Rupiah is the local currency used in Lombok. Nearly all larger restaurants, hotels and shops at the island are accepting major credit cards and automated teller machines are accessible in larger tourist areas.

Q: What should I wear when I am in Lombok, is there a certain dress code to follow?
A: In every tourist spots, short pants and t-shirts are tolerable outfits, however women should not wear swimsuits around the urban area. This is also tolerable at night but smart casual is proper for fine restaurants. Women are anticipated to dress properly when visiting temples such as covering shoulders or wear trousers underneath the knee.

With Lombok Island’s virgin beaches, the craggy portentous Mount Rinjani as well as picturesque fishing village is absolutely an exemplary tourist paradise – it’s no wonder why Lombok is hailed as the most beautiful heaven on earth.