Lombok Dive Spots

  • Lombok Dive Spots

    -Lombok is the most explored place in Nusa Tenggara with its Gili Islands that captivates numbers of tourists. The tropical theme of this dive site gives and exciting thrill to the divers as they go along with their underwater activity. Unbeatable and eye catching experience is surely possible to achieve in visiting this place.

  • Blongas Bay

    Blongas Bay

    Blongas Bay or also known as the “Bay of Tranquility” as well as Belongas is known as the protected bay that has exquisite calm and flat waters within the southern region of Lombok. At this dive site, there can be found wonderful beaches and quite appealing fishing neighborhoods. Getting at the Blongas Bay isn’t as simple as it appears. Your easiest way is to begin at Lembar, a bigger metropolis at the northern part where the ferryboat from Bali also docks, and initiate an hour trip to Belongas.

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  • Boulder City Starting

    Boulder City Starting

    The best of Indonesia can be found at the exquisite islands of Lombok. Towards the southern part of Lombok, you will find stunning dive sites which are perfect for diving, snorkeling and other water sport activities. One of the best dive site but not yet so known to divers is Boulder City Starting.

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  • Gili Sera

    Gili Sera

    Not everyone knows that Lombok comes with a wide array of types of all scuba divers both the newbie divers who have just adopted a desire to this particular grand adventure activity as well as the experts to whom scuba dive is a lot more of a desire as well as an endeavor to unravel the countless secrets of mother nature.

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  • Hammerhead Sharks

    Hammerhead Sharks

    You would think that people would be afraid, but one of Lombok’s most famous attractions is the hammerhead sharks. In one of its most famous dive sites called the Magnet, a diver would be able to witness not only hammerhead sharks but other marine animals in great packs and varieties swimming afloat the vast entirety of the West Indonesian coast.

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  • Senggigi Beach

    Senggigi Beach

    Scuba dive in Lombok offer an enticing encounter you absolutely want to treasure throughout your lifetime. The spectacular manta and eagle rays, reefs as well as turtles swim along with you throughout the lavish glowing blue waters and for some time you continue being lost in nature’s resources, far stripped away from the tedious anxieties of daily life.

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  • Coral Garden

    Coral Garden

    From the name itself, the coral garden is a haven of corals in variety of species and colors. The Coral Garden is also one of the most famous diving spots in Lombok, besides the other sites like the Magnet or Cathedral.

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  • The Cathedral

    The Cathedral

    Next to the Magnet, the Cathedral or Gili Anak Elok as it is popularly called in Indonesia is one of the most attractive diving sites in Lombok. Like the Magnet, it also popular for being an exciting diving spot. Strong currents also flow in this part of the island. The marine life is also pretty much abundant and the same of that as Magnet, although there are no recorded sightings of Hammerhead Sharks in the area.

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  • The Magnet

    The Magnet

    One of the most famous diving sites in Lombok is the Magnet. It is very famous for its hammerhead shark sightings, which features both the small hammerhead sharks and the Great Hammerhead sharks.

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  • The Skul

    The Skul

    Least famous than its sister dive spots, but the nevertheless a famous in itself, the skull is another dive site from Lombok, Indonesia. There is nothing very special about the Skull. In fact, there is little information about what it looks like.

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  • Wollis Pinnacle

    Wollis Pinnacle

    Wollis Pinnacle is one of the most well-known dive destinations among Lombok islands. This dive site is a huge rock of which the top is approximately 7 meters down below the surface and a few more rocks plunged with each other and resting on pristine sand.

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