Coral Garden

  • Coral Garden

    Coral Garden

    From the name itself, the coral garden is a haven of corals in variety of species and colors. The Coral Garden is also one of the most famous diving spots in Lombok, besides the other sites like the Magnet or Cathedral.

    When you first see the magnanimous 200-meter garden, you will feel like you visited a beautiful underwater aquarium. Only this time it is even more breathtaking because you encounter the garden in a very close way.

    The Coral garden houses one of the breathtaking reefs in Lombok. It is a sight that is pleasing to the eyes – hundreds of yellow, orange and purple pigments in one place. Divers would also be able to see Whip Corals, Sea Anemones and Gorgonian fans, all beautifully and gracefully lounging in the garden. It is a rare sight to see big fishes, but there is plenty of small fish around. These coral residents also come in beautiful colors. The diver might see snapper, angelfish, parrotfish, wrasse, and many others. If you go deeper in the reef, you might encounter bigger fishes like batfishes, groupers and trumpet fishes, sometimes even octopus and bearded scorpion can be seen. It is rare but there has also been a sighting of mantas, eagle rays and reef sharks.

    The Coral Garden is available for any diver – whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver who simply want to enjoy a splash of stunningly beautiful colors. Most guides recommend that you come in the morning or mid-noon, so the sunlight will intensify the colors of the marine life in the reef. Since it is located in the north of Gili Trewangan (one of the three Gili Islands), it is easier to access the coral garden if you would be staying there, and taking a boat.

    Dive Experience: Beginner
    Current: Gentle to Moderate
    Visibility: 25 meters
    Depth: 4 to 12 meters
    Best Time to Dive: April to September
    Getting There: 5 to 10 minutes from Gili Trewangan Island