Gili Sera

  • Gili Sera

    Gili Sera

    Not everyone knows that Lombok comes with a wide array of types of all scuba divers both the newbie divers who have just adopted a desire to this particular grand adventure activity as well as the experts to whom scuba dive is a lot more of a desire as well as an endeavor to unravel the countless secrets of mother nature.

    One of the most exquisite dive sites in Lombok is the Gili Sera. This dive site is huge rubbish of rock. Underwater it appears similar to huge bits of the rock tumbled as they are currently littering the sand all over the island. Such rocks are engrossed with sponges, tunicates and leather corals; however there are a few more protected places that black corals and table corals nurture. In the event the currents will not be quite strong, this is a great dive site for little animals for example shrimps, scorpionfishes, glass fishes, nudibranchs, and in many cases the sporadic sea snake, ray and white tip reef shark.

    Gili Sera is not really way more than a large rock with fractured, descended parts of it within the ocean all over it. An abundance of tunicates, sponges and corals swathe the tocks through black and table corals within the more protected areas. Gili Sera’s marine life is great with rays as well as the sporadic shark in sight.

    Currents: Can be Strong
    Visibility: 10 meters to 30 meters
    Depth: 10 meters to 50 meters
    Best Time to Dive: April to October
    How to Get There: accessible by boat in just 30 minutes