The Cathedral

  • The Cathedral

    The Cathedral

    Next to the Magnet, the Cathedral or Gili Anak Elok as it is popularly called in Indonesia is one of the most attractive diving sites in Lombok. Like the Magnet, it also popular for being an exciting diving spot. Strong currents also flow in this part of the island. The marine life is also pretty much abundant and the same of that as Magnet, although there are no recorded sightings of Hammerhead Sharks in the area. There are however, plenty of pelagic animals like eagle rays, sea snakes and sharks. Besides these fishes, the Cathedral is also home to many yellow sea cucumbers. These are scattered across the diving spot. There are also beautiful and breathtaking corals, sponges and tunicates clinging on a steep wall. It is simply a beautiful sight.

    Although less dangerous and challenging as the Magnet, only experienced or certified divers are allowed to dive in the area. It is said that at 40 meters, a cave could be seen and entered by very experienced divers only. Both the Magnet and the Cathedral have a very rough travel time before you can even start the dive itself.

    The cathedral has a small rock visible on the surface. Up until about five meters, the water is filled with strong waves and bubbles. At initial drop point, the diver will experience deep surges of water and strong currents. These will subside a little after descending to 20 meters, but the up and down current flow will remain, so divers might experience a descending-ascending pattern. It is also good to point that there are some days when the guide will not allow you to dive, because waters may not be in any way safe. These are especially during high tides.
    Dive Experience: Experienced to Experts (Certified preferred)

    Current: Mild to Moderate
    Visibility: 10 to 40 meters
    Depth: Up to 50 meters
    Best Time to Dive: April to September
    Getting There: One and a half hour car ride from Senggigi to Pangsing, then a 25-minute boat ride from shore to pinnacle