The Magnet

  • The Magnet

    The Magne

    One of the most famous diving sites in Lombok is the Magnet. It is very famous for its hammerhead shark sightings, which features both the small hammerhead sharks and the Great Hammerhead sharks.

    The Magnet is said to be the highest point of Lombok, with deep-set water down to around sixty meters. The marine biodiversity in this part of Lombok is very vast – countless of fishes coming in large schools.
    If it is your first time diving in Magnet, it is suggested that you use a wet suit of 5 mm because it can be a pretty cold dive, with the temperature ranging from 20 to 28oC all year-round. It is also advised that only experienced or expert divers (with a minimum of at least fifty dives) dive at the Magnet because the surges of the currents are pretty strong especially at the initial drop point of five to fifteen meters.

    Even at twenty meters and below, the currents remain (even if it lessened) strong. It is advised to dive at the north of the rock, and then make the drop around the middle part. This is when the hardest part comes in. You may continue the dive if the currents are not very strong. Do a zigzag dive motion on the eastern and western edges. If the currents are not very strong (and you can handle them), you may proceed to diving along the rock. As you descend you will begin to see the marine life.

    Normally, the abundance of hammerhead sharks rise up from June to September, but even if you do not see hammerheads during your dive, there’s still plenty to see. Many enjoy the sight of white and black tip sharks, barracudas, tuna, mackerel, eagle rays, and many more.

    Dive Experience: Advanced to Expert (certified preferred)
    Current: Strong
    Visibility: 7 to 20 meters
    Depth: 20 to 80 meters
    Best Time to Dive: April to October
    Getting There: One and a half hour car ride from Senggigi to Pangsing, then a 25-minute boat ride from shore to pinnacle