The Skull

  • The Skull

    The Skull

    Least famous than its sister dive spots, but the nevertheless a famous in itself, the skull is another dive site from Lombok, Indonesia. There is nothing very special about the Skull. In fact, there is little information about what it looks like. The popularity of the diving site is due to the abundance of marine life found in the place. Divers who experienced a dive from the skull claim to have seen numerous big fishes. There is a lot of action in this part of Lombok. This is probably also one of the reasons why it is one of the least visited sites – there’s too many big fishes swimming around, there’s not much space to breathe (or swim).

    Although it is a bit crowded in marine life, the Skull is very popular for people who have never seen this plenty of marine life. White tips and black tip sharks are swarming around along with many mackerels, grey reef sharks, stingrays, and tunas in sometimes large schools. Along with these marine animals, the Skull is home to many soft and colourful corals, adding a stunningly beautiful sight to the animals lounging in the site.

    It also became a popular diving spot because it does not require an expert to dive. Although the potential harm is increased by the number of sharks in the area, the area’s currents are gentle (in fact one of the calmest of the diving sites in Lombok) than the Magnet and the Cathedral. Its depths can go as deep as 40 to 50 meters. It is a good spot for divers who have experienced diving many times in their lives.

    Dive Experience: Advanced Beginner to Experienced
    Current: Gentle to Moderate
    Visibility: 10 to 40 meters
    Depth: Up to 40 meters
    Best Time to Dive: April to September
    Getting There: One and a half hour car ride from Senggigi to Pangsing, then a 25-minute boat ride from shore to pinnacle