Diving in Lombok

Lombok is well-recognized as one of the world’s top dive destinations,
with its coastal waters having a wealth of superb
dive sites hidden within.

Dive Resort & Dive Center In Lombok

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Cocotinos Sekotong Resort
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Marine Life Highlights in Lombok

Hammer Head Shark | Diving in Lombok | Dive Lombok | Marine life in Lombok
Hammer Head Shark
Sea Turtle | Diving in Lombok | Dive Lombok | Marine life in Lombok
Sea Turtle
Manta Ray | Diving in Lombok | Dive Lombok | Marine life in Lombok
Manta Ray

Diving in Lembeh

Lombok is the most prevalent destination Nusa Tenggara, along with the legendary Gili Islands dragging many tourists for activities both inside and outside of the water, grand Gunung Rinjani enticing tourists, and the huge breaks on the south coastline a bribe for surfers.

Matram which is the Lombok’s capital is a good location for day tours to the neighboring areas, and close to Senggigi is terrifically sited by the side of an expanse or across-the-board bays. Appearing in east Lombok, the very picturesque Sumbawa offers low key tourism and a few good surf trips.

The island of Lombok comes along at approximately 80 kilometers from east through west and about alike from north to south, along with rich evergreen panoramas and parts which are persistently desiccated. Particularly in south and east droughts can last for months that cause crop failure and dearth – though topical developments in water management have turned out life in Lombok less perilous.

Diving experience in Lombok is extraordinary and is far better to the exceptional diving that Bali can bring. This is fairly because there are more regions that are well shielded from the ferocious wave of the Indian Ocean but largely because of the immediacy of Lombok particularly on the west coast to the Wallace line that is an imaginary line that splits Lombok from Bali and travels moves further up the seaboard where the two diverse types of species both inside and outside of the water meet up.

Island of Lombok offers fascinating scuba diving for all diving enthusiast even beginners to veteran divers. The major diving happens around the islands of Gili which stretch out in the northwest of Lombok in the passage between Bali and Lombok. In the region of Sanggigi beach in east Lombok, there can be found two dive sites and offer scuba diving in the southern region of Lombok, where there is a lot of currents and waves and huge pelagic such as rays, mackerels and sharks.

Because of the Lombok passage between Lombok and Bali surges the Indonesian Trench, a massive surge of water that goes by from the Pacific through the Indian Ocean. The effect is a lush undersea life and throughout certain times of the year also huge fish such as eagle rays, turtles, manta rays and sharks come and visit the reefs. This only means that the biodiversity in this region is really that incredible for a great diving and lined up with most bio-diverse regions on the plant with more than 3,500 diverse aquatic species all inhabiting in and roundabouts the reefs that are situated offshore and near enough to the beach feeding off the unvarying watercourses of warm nutrients that surges from the deep waters and the extreme sunshine that permits fans and wall coral to nurture to extremely large extents.

Because of Lombok’s nearness to the equator, the weather condition of Lombok is typically tropical. Wintery weather is breezy and nice and summers are alleviated by refreshing precipitations. The days are approximately 12 hours long and the typical daytime temperature differs from 27 degree Celcius to 32 degree Celcius. The dry season happens between May to September while the wet season occurs from October all through April. Consequently, the best time to dive in Lombok is absolutely during dry season. Many vacationers and tourists find the season extremely bothersome to start their trips during a cloudburst. Then again, you may want to take into consideration that rainfalls do not last long in the island of Lombok. Months of May, June and July are the peak season where tourists usually visit Lombok Island. It is important also to seek advice from dive operators and tour guides in case you want to undertake into water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

Best Diving Season: May to September
Weather: October to April (Rainy Season) & May to September (Dry Season)
Water Temperature: 27-32°C
Marine Animal Highlights: Eagle rays, Turtles, Manta rays and Sharks
Recommended Thermal Protection: –
Water Visibility: –
Tipping: –
Transportation: –

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